Yoga Psychology and happiness with Devamrita Swami, InSpirit 2010

Title: Yoga Psychology and happiness with Devamrita Swami
Location: Urbanedgeyoga, 324 Bloor St W
Date: Friday, Jun 11 2010
Time:07:00 PM till 09:30 PM
Event fee $ 10 includes vegan dinner

Do you have inkling there’s more to life than your average everyday experiences? Come explore essential human quest for ‘happiness’ with an esteemed author and Monk Devamrita Swami who is visiting us from New Zealand for special Yoga lifestyle festival Inspirit. Not to mention the beautiful meditative chants (Kirtan) that he will introduce for us to experience a flavor of happiness not limited by time and space. To top it all we have a delicious vegan dinner and dessert for all our guests.
Yoga psychology – in knowledge and practice – aims at reactivating and cultivating within each individual the essential strength and introspective talents, the powers of self knowledge and self transformation that lay dormant within. Then we can walk in greater harmony with ourselves, others and our environment. Real happiness lies not in the race but in the harmony within.
We need to discover who we truly are, beyond induced convictions, acquired identities and false behavioral models that limit our potential and our deepest aspirations. A time to explore the deeper mysteries of life…

About the speaker Devamrita Swami

Devamrita Swami is a monk in the renounced order of life with profound spiritual practices reaching back several decades. A Yale graduate himself, he looks forward to sharing his wisdom and insight with students and anyone looking to learn and access higher knowledge. His cutting edge presentations capture a variety of current pressing themes, from student life, mental stress, ecological sustainability, yoga and meditation, karma, desire management, and spiritual economics with students and anyone.

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